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Qingdao Guanzhong Ecology Co., Ltd.

   Qingdao Guanzhong Ecology Co., Ltd. (the former is Qingdao Gaoci Aggregate Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.) is specialized in vegetation restoration and environmental ecological management including vegetation restoration and greening of bare slopes, treatment of industrial tailings and wastes yard, preservation of water and soil, large scale afforestation of desertification area, and greening of sloped roofing and urban spatial greening and regional ecological environment building etc.

   The company was established in 2000 and now becomes a leading enterprise and was given many other honors such as State Hi-Tech Enterprise, State Level-1 Greening Construction Qualification, Qingdao Engineering Technical Research Center for Vegetation Restoration and Environmental Ecological Management, Shandong Starred Enterprise in China Patents, Shandong Pilot Innovative Enterprise, Shandong Enterprise for Observing Contract and Honoring Promises, Qingdao Workstation of Vegetation Restoration Experts, Qingdao Best Enterprises for Financing. Qingdao Laoshan Top 10 Innovation Teams, Qingdao Advanced Collective for Greening Engineering, and Qingdao Economic Award of Year Growth Start of Year etc. The company has been certified by ISO9001:2000 Quality Management, ISO14001:2004, GB/T280001-2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System many years before.

   Now, the company possesses many patents and research results, including vegetation restoration and environmental ecological management technology which is listed as National Promotion Project for Scientific Results, National Technical Innovation Foundation Project, Qingdao Exemplary Project for Science and Technology Promotion; Qingdao Technical Invention Award given in 2012, Top 24 Enterprises in 1st China Innovation Competition (the only one in Shandong province to enter top 48 enterprises). The vegetation restoration technology developed independently by us under the brand of “Gaoci Aggregates” has been widely used in dozens of cities in over 20 provinces across China after many years of applications, covering up to several million square meters of bare rocks and slope to be seeded. The effect of vegetation restoration goes beyond imagination.

   The vegetation restoration technology of company is mainly used for those areas where vegetation can not be restored by using traditional technologies and methods. The specially-made alien earth will be firstly added with plant seeds and other necessary materials and then made into soil medium fit for plant growth by use of advanced wet type spraying technology. This kind of artificial soil has special soil structure which could effectively withstand rainwater and preserve water and soil. Meanwhile, this soil features water preservation, water permeability and air permeability, which is very fit for plant growth. This technology could help to restore the damaged ecological environment, foster stable slope and vegetation harmonious with surrounding environment and restore ecological balance, purify the air and beautify the environment in addition to protection of slopes.

   The company is the leader in China vegetation restoration technology and now is heading a team to compile the first industrial book called Technical Regulations for Spraying and Seeding Engineering of Rocky Soil Slopes. Over a dozen years of efforts, the company has made great contribution to technical advance of domestic vegetation restoration.

   In the past ten years, the company has been adhering to the holy mission of “seeding future for earth and letting the earth become green” to establish good brands of “Guanzhong Ecology” and “Gaoci Aggregates” in the market. Now the company's development is on fast track which will surely make more contribution to healthy development of ecological environment.

   Since last century, human civilization and technical advance has developed at an unprecedented speed. Meanwhile, the damage to the ecological environment is also unprecedented, causing a large area of tropic forest to disappear, global warming, land desertification and worsening of ozone layer etc. All these disasters above result from disappearance of green natural vegetation. Today, we have the world-class vegetation restoration technology which is a small step for scientific advance in history but we believe that this will be a big step to improve human environment.



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