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    Premises Greening of Baogang Group: build a green Factory of Dream


   The premises of Baogang Group should be greened with noticeable effect in one year and changed greatly in three years and reach a leading level of industry. With ambition to build Baogang into a factory of dream, Baogangers made every effort to beautify each corner of factory and remove any wastes and refuses and plant trees and grasses along roads.

    ●plant 178.6 thousand arbors, 1.519 million clusters of shrubs, increase green land of 450 thousand square meters; there are about 58 thousand persons/times participating in voluntary planting with participation up to 100%;

    ●Demolish abandoned buildings of 59 thousand square meters and build 20 new road covering 160 thousand square meters;

    ●The factory greening area increased from 36.3% in 2011 to 38.1% in 2012 and will be reaching 43% in 2015.

    Keywords: Overcome difficulties

    In autumn, the tailings storage of Baogang Group is covered with trees and grasses and those cloves and Caragana korshinskii etc. and grasses growing on the yellow soil dam swing along the wind. This is a picture of tailing storage of Baogang Group.

    In 2012, the company intensified the original greening effect and extended treatment to tailing storage, slag dam, material yard, sludge treatment area etc. The company cooperated with Qingdao Gaoci Aggregates Company in general contracting mode to spray manmade soil containing grass seeds and nutrition medium etc. onto the tailing storage dam to make the dam green and flourishing.

    It is said that Baogang Group introduced patent technology from professional company to seed trees on patches of yellow soil and five to six kinds of shrubs are taking root in manmade soil on the tailing dam, with greening area totaling 10 thousand square meters and survival rate over 90%. Therefore, the year of 2012 is a year that preliminary treatment effect is achieved. In the following three years, Baogang Group will try to realize full green coverage for the full length of tailing storage dam (15 km long).

    In 2012, more efforts were made to solve difficulties, remove sludge, arrange materials properly and pave roads at exits and entrances of sludge and material yards and launch relevant management rules so as to build an ecological company.