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    Formulation of industrial standard is completed this year with Qingdao Guanzhong as a leader of drafting team


    Reporter Gao Zhongye reported by this newspaper that it is the first time for Shandong vegetation restoration enterprises to be listed in Top 24 Enterprises in National Innovation Competition and also a reward for us for a dozen of years of efforts to be made to focus on R&D and application on aggregate seeding technology and carry out vegetation restoration and environmental protection. In the morning of yesterday, Xu Jianping, general manager of Qingdao Guanzhong Ecology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Qingdao Guanzhong Ecology) said that currently, Qingdao Guanzhong Ecology has restored about 2 plus million square meters of vegetations and greening in 20 provinces across China and also the company started last year to head a team to draft industrial standard Technical Regulations for Seeding and Greening Engineering of Rocky Slopes which is expected to be completed this year. It is said that there are 300 plus mining cities across China whose vegetations are all to be restored. There will be high market potential especially for those companies like Qingdao Guanzhong Ecology.

Greening enterprise is listed among Top 24 Enterprises for the first time

    A delegation of Qingdao Guanzhong Ecology headed by General manager Xu Jianping participated in 1st National Innovation Competition on behalf of Qingdao and was selected from 6000 plus enterprise and listed as top 24 enterprises after three months of competition and also it is the first time for Shandong greening enterprises to be listed as top 24 enterprises.

    The 1st National Innovation Competition was sponsored jointly by Hi-Tech Industrial Development Center of Ministry of Science and Technology and SME Technical Innovation Foundation Management Center of Ministry of Science and Technology. This competition focused more efforts on combination of products and market of innovative enterprises across China, business mode, market barrier and project potential and actual operation etc. than other competitions. Latest statistics show that there are about 20 provinces (covering Southwest China to Northeast China) having used aggregate seeding technology of Qingdao Guanzhong Ecology with total application area up to 2 plus million square meters. Mr. Xu also told that this aggregate seeding technology has been listed as National Technical Innovation Foundation Project and have been awarded four invention patents and there are still 13 patents pending. Its application mainly includes vegetation restoration of various rocky slopes, roofing greening, vegetation restoration of industrial waste storage yard etc.

    It is said that nationwide application has become an important index to evaluate technical project by the competition. Additionally, top 30 enterprises in competition will gain strong support from Ministry of Science and Technology.

Strong demand in four areas

    Such four areas as roadside slope, saline and alkali land and industrial waste yard, stone pits and soil erosion will offer large market potential for those greening enterprises; General manager Xu Jianping added that regarding roadside slope greening, the state will invest 2 trillion Yuan to build 51 thousand long expressway according to State Expressway Network Planning published by Ministry of Traffic. It is expected that bare slopes produced by road construction will be up to 40 million square meters at least each year between 2006 and 2030. Furthermore, the mining industry has destroyed a total land of 4 million hectares and now the land is increasing by 20 thousand hectares/year and only a small portion of land was reclaimed. There are about 300 mining cities across China so, the vegetation restoration is challenging.

    As said by reporter, till now Qingdao Guanzhong Ecology has completed many key projects including Strong Alkali Red Mud Storage Yard of Shandong Aluminum and Strong Acid Treatment of Jiangxi Ganzhou etc. and now becomes a leader in this industry.

    In order to protect property rights, Qingdao Guanzhong Ecology has built industrial chain on its own and now has formed a complete industrial chain, covering from R&D to design, from raw materials to site construction and therefore has more advantages in competing against other rivals.

Industrial standard of slope greening will be completed this year.

    Currently, Qingdao Guanzhong Ecology is formulating Technical Regulations for Seeding and Greening Engineering of Rocky Slopes under guidance of State Ministry of Housing Construction. This industrial standard started in May 2012 will be completed at the end of this year and will be put into use in this industry after further improvements. This seeding and greening technology standard is mainly used for those rocky or gravel and soil mixture slopes such as vegetation restoration of scenic spots, slopes of stone pits, slopes of mining area and slopes of waste storage yard and slopes of waste backfilling yard and its technology is made up of rocky slope foundation treatment and seeding operation. Mr. Xu said that at present not all companies in this industry are satisfying. The formulation of this standard is designed to regulate the industry, foster leading enterprises and then promote healthy development of the whole industry.