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Summer of ¡°Seeding Future for the Earth¡±

    High temperature has swept through 18 provinces across China this summer and some provinces has seen temperature over 40 degrees. You still could see our staff working in the construction site to speed up work progress regardless of high temperature.

    In the working site, the workers should put bundles of wire meshes on the slope and spread and fix them. Due to high temperature, the wire meshes is very hot and workers have to handle them with great care to avoid cutting and burning by wires. During the seeding process, the operators should hold 5kg spray gun and move back and forth on the slope. Their clothes are wetted by sweats then dried by sun shortly. Furthermore, the vibration and noise caused by spray gun is also unendurable. In spite of this, the staff is still working against time.

    Till now, there are about 20 projects under construction and 54 projects under maintenance. In order to guarantee each project could be carried out smoothly, the project departments of company has overcome many difficulties and actively organize and coordinate all resources to finish the top quality projects one after another with conscientious attitude and hardworking spirit, which fully reflects our hardworking atmosphere.


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