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    Work hard to build World Horticulture Expo Garden C We undertake to build landmark project of World Horticulture Expo to highlight our technical power

    Recently, Bijia No. 1 Mine Ecological Restoration Project of 2014 Qingdao World Horticulture Expo undertaken by us is coming to end. In spite of tight working schedule, high difficulties of construction and higher requirements for technology, our construction personnel have overcome many difficulties in the construction process which fully reflects our strong technical power and highly efficient implementation.

    Bijia No. 1 Mine is located at the peak in the north of World Horticulture Expo site, which is a disused quarrying hole and could be seen from entrance of World Horticulture Avenue. The slope of this project is very steep and made of hard granite with a total area of close to 10 thousand square meters to be restored. It is required to be finished in 10 plus days and therefore it is a big challenge to undertaking unit. In this case, our company is nominated to finish this project due to our good reputation and excellent aggregate seeding technology.

    In July, Qingdao witnessed high temperatures and high moisture climates which bring great difficulties to construction. But we still finished prior field survey, construction organization design, material and equipment entry etc. in a short period. In the working site, we could see the personnel of project department are always working together with workers in the hot environment up to 40 degrees. The working responsibilities have been clearly defined which ensures orderly progress.


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